More Questions for Robby Bruce

Our interview with actor Robby Bruce—the voice of Buck Oliver—covered so many topics that we couldn’t fit everything into the November 2014 issue of Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse magazine. Here, Robby talks about faith, sports and giving back.

Where do you see God in your acting career?

God gave me this gift, and the passion to pursue it. I see Him working through so many different things. It’s through my parents. It’s through my agents. It’s through the people that I meet at auditions. It’s through the casting directors that have told me “No.” And the casting director that finally tell me “Yes.”

There’s a lot of uncertainty in this business. But through it all, God stands with me. I believe He’s telling me, “As long as you keep working hard, and keep putting 100 percent effort into this, I will provide for you.”

Do you play any sports?

My dad got through college on a tennis scholarship. He also works as an athletic director, so he put us into a bunch of different sports: Baseball, basketball and football for me and softball for Shelbie.

I still go out with my friends sometimes and play football or go to a local park and play basketball.

God has given you so much. How do you give back?

Being helpful is a choice that everyone has to make. I try to give money to the homeless. I’ll even take off my shoes and give them to someone less fortunate. Maybe somebody will see that and decide to help others, too.

You choose to be giving and loving and forgiving to people, because God gave us the greatest gift that could ever be given.

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